Redford Township neighborhoods, court, and police department deal with flooding

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - Crews are working to clean up neighborhoods, Seventeenth District Court, and the Redford Township Police Department after flooding hit the city hard.

The public service director says the township's drain system just couldn't handle the massive amounts of water that came with yesterday's rain.

The court is open and operating despite the flooding. The damage happened in offices, file storage rooms, and in a room  that is used for the Veteran's Court program.

Flooding has been a problem in the past. The same buildings flooded in 2011.

The damage is not as severe this time as last time. 

In 2011 files had to be treated after getting soaked. Now all files are stored at least a foot off the ground to prevent water damage. 

Numerous residents are also dealing with flooding. People who live on Royal Grand near Glendale are having a hard time getting out of their homes due to as much as 3 feet of water in the streets.

Crews are working to clear drains and get the water moving.

Redford Township says as of Tuesday morning more than 200 people had called complaining about flooding on their streets.

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