Senior home employee being investigated for stealing seniors' rent checks

(WXYZ) - At Leo Paluch Senior Home in Allen Park a rent-check scandal is the talk of the complex.

A woman who was once a staff member at the building is accused of taking rent money from seniors and somehow manipulating their checks in order to deposit the cash in her bank account.

Rent at Leo Paluch ranges from a few hundred dollars and higher.

The monthly payments are subsidized by HUD, which means the seniors who live there are on tight budgets with a limited income.

Allen Park's city administrator tells Action News another employee here discovered money was missing and went to police. How much and how many seniors were scammed is unclear.

We asked Allen Park Police about the case Thursday afternoon – we were told the investigator handling it was sick and that the chief would not discuss the investigation.

The female employee accused in the scheme is off the job.

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