Christmas Eve snowfall causes icy roads and a rough ride for some drivers

WAYNE COUNTY (WXYZ) - The snowfall late on Christmas Eve caused icy roads and a rough ride for some drivers. Some ended up spinning out and sliding off the road.

"It was so slick and a guy was swerving all over the road and we ended up in the median with a blown tire," says Amber Justice who was coming home to Detroit from Atlanta .

"We were watching radar and decided with the rate the snow was coming down we could do a full call in," said Cindy Dingell, who heads Wayne County's Public Services.

They filled the trucks with salt and hit the freeways and main roads.

More snow is predicted for Wednesday and Dingell says they will be ready.

However, this was no dress rehearsal. It was so slick where the Southfield Freeway approaches the Lodge that drivers inched along for hours.

Meanwhile Amber Justice says she was blessed as she waited for a tow truck because she and everyone else in the car were safe and that was a Christmas present for sure.

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