Jeep Grand Cherokee stolen from sweepstakes winner

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - When David Whitfield won a brand new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee through the 7 Action News app download sweepstakes, he says it felt like a dream come true.

"It was surreal, it just doesn't happen to a lot of people," said Whitfield.  "It happens to everyone else but you!"

Things changed last Wednesday when he felt like he woke up to a nightmare.  Someone stole the black Jeep Grand Cherokee during the day from his backyard.  He does not have a garage so it was parked on the concrete.

"It's really a shock, really a shock," said Whitfield.

Whitfield has been driving a '97 Bravada with 159,000 miles.  It needs some work done and when it rains hard it does not start-up. 

So, the 2-year lease through Southfield Chrysler Jeep came at the perfect time.  It has been six days since someone stole the vehicle and now Whitfield fears the worst.

"Either they're riding the car or they stripped the car," said Whitfield.

He hopes whoever stole it is still riding around in it and that is why he contacted 7 Action News for help.  He filed a report with Detroit police but he is afraid it is just gathering dust.

"I don't think it's a priority with them at this point.  I'll put it like that," said Whitfield.

Right away, 7 Action News got in touch with Detroit police and questioned them on what is being done to locate the vehicle.  Then 7 Action News called the dealership. The dealership is taking steps to locate the vehicle.  Whitfield has insurance, but he said he cannot afford the $500 deductible right before the holidays.   

"I don't have the money just lying around to just say hey, I have $500.  So it's going to be a hardship.  A little hardship.  But God willing we'll get through it," said Whitfield.

A spokesperson with Detroit police tells 7 Action News they are making calls and checking into the matter.  They did tell us that with the Veterans Day holiday and because administrative offices are closed today it may take until tomorrow to get back to us on the issue.

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