Thomas More Law Center files appeal for Pastor Terry Jones

(WXYZ) - The Ann Arbor based Thomas More Law Center has filed an appeal on behalf of Pastor Terry Jones and his associate Wayne Sapp.

The Claim of Appeal was filed Wednesday afternoon.

In a press release the Thomas More Center says this "begins the appellate process of challenging the controversial show trial held in the Dearborn, Michigan District Court last week." Lawyer Richard Thompson, lead Counsel at the Center says they want everything that happened to Jones and Sapp in court thrown out.

It was in during a trial in that court last week that a jury found it was likely that Jones and Sapp would breach the peace. Because of that, a judge ordered that both Sapp and Jones had to post a $1 peace bond and could not set foot on the grounds or the property nearby the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn for three years.

Many legal observers have blasted the ruling, saying it violated Jones's right to free speech.

Jones has pledged to return to Dearborn this week to protest in front of the Dearborn court house where the hearing was held last week.

Lawyer Richard Thompson tells Action News after the appeal, they plan to file a federal lawsuit down the road claiming the City of Dearborn violated the constitutional rights of Pastor Jones and Pastor Sapp and they will be asking for money damages.

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