Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy holds news conference on budget cuts, layoffs

(WXYZ) - Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy held a news conference Wednesday to discuss the recent staff layoffs in her office due to budget cuts.

"This is not a game or feud or something we do to gain more power," said Worthy. "I don't know how this office will operate in the worst case scenario."

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy told 7 Action News last year, her office would not be able to operate after a six million dollar budget cut. Now, due to this budget battle, 22 attorneys, three investigators and a weekend clerical staffer have lost their jobs in the 36th District Court.

This week, numerous cases were adjourned or dismissed because prosecutors didn't show up at court. On Monday , there were no prosecutors covering traffic hearings.

Worthy says they are having to prioritize cases. Misdemeanor dockets and PPO cases are not being covered.

"As of Friday we are backed up 40 homicide warrants," she said. Worthy says her office will continue to pursue violent crimes first ahead of all others.

Worthy has filed a lawsuit over the budget, but it is still pending.

Chief Judge Kenneth King says that's six to eight courtrooms.

Judges and the 8,000 people who walk through the doors of the court everyday are stuck in the middle of this budget battle.





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