Woman tries for years to get dangerous tree cut down, contacts the Call for Action team for help

INKSTER, Mich. (WXYZ) - Mary Hochkins wanted a 40-50 foot tree that was in front of her house in Inkster, on city property cut down.

"It was dangerous, I was scared, says Mary!"

Mary says she called the city for over two years trying to get the tree cut down because a big branch started to fall and was hanging over the street.

However, it was after a huge storm in May that the branch fell lower to the street which worried Mary. " I called again and said please cut this tree down! Nothing ever happened."

Finally, Mary says she called the City and said that if they didn't cut the tree down she was going to contact the Call For Action team. She never heard back and the tree wasn't cut down so she called our team.

"Once I called your team, things got done. I finally heard from the city asking if I called Call For Action? I told them yes I did, says Mary!"

It was within a week after that the tree was cut down over a two-day period.

The City Manager of Inkster has only been on the job for 30 days and he tells Action News that the city is committed  to keeping residents safe and happy.


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