Workers continue cuttng down hazardous trees on Belle Isle

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The improvements on Bell Isle continue as it prepares to become a state park.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says that workers are continuing this week to cut down hazardous trees that are around the park. Workers began the tree cutting process last month.

Inspectors first went through the park and identified trees that were hazardous. Some of the hazards included trees that were hollow inside, had root issues, or different structural defects.

This is just one of the many clean-up processes going on at the park since the state and city of Detroit agreed on a contract for state takeover. 

Other improvements include restoring public bathrooms, clearing trails on the island and cleaning up picnic areas.

The park will become Michigan's 102nd on February 10. Cars will have to buy a Recreation Passport to enter Belle Isle after it becomes a state park, and can buy them for $11 when drivers renew their registration.

For more information on buying a Recreation Passport, click here:

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