Remote camera shutter developed for smartphone

(WXYZ) - It's a phenomenon that sprung up with the smartphone.

Its called a "selfie". It's picture people take of themselves--allegedly because they have no friends.

Celebrities seem to take a lot of them. They usually involve mirrors, the ever popular kissy face, indecipherable gang signs, occasional close calls and photobombers.

But the problem with selfies is that you're limited by the length of your arm.

Enter Keven Leung and Shuttr:

"This is a remote shutter release for android and iPhone," said Leung describing his Shuttr device.

Keven spent the last 9 months developing Shuttr— and raising  nearly $70,000 on a Kickstarter campaign--- just so he could get a decent baby picture.

"After i became a father, I wanted to make sure I captured every moment with my daughter and my wife.  So I'm looking for a small remote shutter for my iPhone but i couldn't find any so I decided to quit my job and built one," said Leung.

It's a sleek little device that pairs via bluetooth with your smartphone to control the camera app's shutter.

So your arm is no longer the limit—and people might actually think you have friends.

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