Report exposes DPD surveillance of former commissioner

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The former head of Detroit's Board of Police Commissioners, Jerome Warfield, recalls the uneasy feeling he felt in early 2013.
That's when he first realized the same cops he was tasked with overseeing had him in their sights.
"It was very intimidating to have to check over your shoulder" says former Commissioner Pastor Jerome Warfield.     
On Tuesday, the Office of Inspector General filed a report concluding former acting Detroit Police Chief Chester Logan ordered cops in the internal affairs unit to follow the former commissioner. 
At the time, the commander voiced concerns, but he was overruled.
On multiple occasions between January and March, Warfield was under close surveillance near his home and other places by the same department he served.
The reasons are still unknown, but Warfield says this statement issued last year by former Detroit Mayor Bing's office is simply not true:
"We can affirm no DPD officer was authorized to follow any member of the Board of Police Commissioners."
In short, the report released now calls it abuse of power and a waste of resources.
Warfield believes it was someone higher up in the Dave Bing administration that actually made the call to have him tailed.
Back then, politics led to tension between the board and mayor's office over the hiring of a new chief.
The OIG was told cops were just verifying Warfield's location of residence, but in reality that question was answered months prior.
Read the full report below: 

Warfield report

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