Report on Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree says there is "shame" in his game

(WXYZ) - Following Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree's week-long disciplinary hearing, a new report concludes that "…there is shame in the McCree game."

The new report comes from the Special Master for the Judicial Tenure Commission (JTC). It accuses McCree of having a sexual relationship with a woman who had a child support case before him, and other misconduct.

The formal counts against McCree include improper conduct, improper conduct on the bench, falsely reporting a felony, and making misrepresentations to the JTC, according to the Special Master's report.

The charge of falsely reporting a felony stems from McCree telling the Wayne County Prosecutor that the woman with whom he is accused of having an affair was stalking him.

The 17-page report concludes, "In final summary there is Shame in the McCree game: shame to the good name of McCree and shame brought upon the judiciary of the State of Michigan."

As you may recall, McCree is the controversial judge who sent a bare-chested picture of himself with a text saying, "…no shame in my game."

McCree is the son of the late Wade H. McCree, who was the first African-American to serve on Wayne County Circuit Court bench and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

It is now up the JTC to decide if it will accept the Special Master's report. If it does accept the report, the JTC will then determine what punishment McCree should receive.

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