Researchers develop 'mini portable laboratory' implant for patients

(WXYZ) - Researchers at a technology institute in Switzerland have developed a new device that could potentially save lives.

And the device is roughly the size of a small paper clip.

Swiss scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne have developed the apparatus that would act as a mini portable laboratory that could analyze substances in a patient's blood.

The chip would be implanted just beneath the skin.

"The chip is placed in the interstitial tissue and it comes in contact with fluids in the body and the sensors react to particular compounds," Giovanni de Micheli, a scientist with EPFL Integrated Systems Laboratory, said in a video on the school's website.

Researchers say the device would transmit the information straight to a patient's doctor--in some cases it could alert doctors of an issue before the patient even notices any symptoms.

This was created with chemotherapy patients in mind. Doctors like to monitor how their body is responding to a treatment dosage. The researchers say it's a step toward a more personal medical care.

Now, the prototype is still in its experimental stages, but researchers add that it has reliably detected substances within the body.

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