Residents get help with apartment complex after 7 Action News report

(WXYZ) -
The bitter cold has been especially brutal for two dozen families in a Detroit apartment building. They've been living in deplorable conditions with no heat. 
In less than 24 hours since 7 Action News exposed the conditions, everyone from DTE workers to city inspectors to Child Protective Services have been to the building. 
The City of Detroit building inspectors declared the apartment complex at 1740 West Grand Boulevard uninhabitable and have condemned the building.
More than 20 families have been relying on space heaters and ovens for warmth. They also can't even take a shower because the water is too cold. 
Residents say they've been living in the terrible conditions for months, but the landlord claims the building has only been without heat for a few days. 
Our story first got the attention of DTE, which dispatched crews Tuesday morning to deal with the heat --  and then the Detroit building inspectors arrived.
The city took most of the families to a housing complex in Detroit at "Operation Get Down." We're told they will be allowed to stay there free of charge until their building is up to code. 


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