Residents living with no water, gas or electricity

(WXYZ) - On this cold winter night while most of us are worried about snowy roads, several residents in one apartment building, including senior citizens, are just trying to survive.

Tenants in the apartment building on Detroit's west side tell us the water was shut off weeks ago after a pipe burst and the landlord couldn't make the needed repairs.  Then on Wednesday, the gas and electricity was shut off.  Now they are scrambling to find a place to live. 

"What are we suppose to do?" said Morgan McKinley. "You got ten people in here, where are we suppose to go?

Tenants say they have been unable to reach the landlord, and so were we.  We did some checking and discovered the owner, Geter Jenkins, is connected to a ministry that advertises helping people in need. 

But tenants say they are not getting any help from the owner. 

According to the Wayne County Treasurer's Office, the building is in foreclosure and the owner owes $11,000 in back taxes.

Employees with Detroit's building and safety department have been informed of the conditions.

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