Retired Detroit firefighter talks about bankruptcy, sacrifice and threat to pensions

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "When is enough enough? I've given you 34 years. I've given you two ankles, a shoulder and a back. I'm not even sure about my lungs. What else do you need?" said retired Detroit firefighter Dave Parnell when he sat down with 7 Action News to talk about Detroit's cash crisis and the threat that their pensions will take a hit.

Parnell said city officials just need to do their job and Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr should focus on creating jobs instead of cutting because "what's left to take."

"If you took every dime in the pension and the President said here's a bailout, what's going to happen after that? Is the incompetence still going to be there," said Parnell. "Are we going to have the same people doing the same thing that they have always done."

When asked if he thinks a pension cut is inevitable, Parnell replied, "It's only a matter of time before they do what they want to do, I'll say that.. I don't have time to be worried. I'm going to focus my time on what else I can do to replace it. I worry about what am I going to have to do to move on with my life."


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