REVIEW: Scentee turns your iPhone into a smellophone

(WXYZ) - It's a device that pretty much turns your iPhone into a smell-o-phone.
It's ridiculous, a bit impractical, but it's fun. 

A Japanese company created Scentee to add a dimension of scent to our communications. So, I spent a couple of days sniffing out the pros and cons of this new product.

There are two parts to the Scentee. The first little bauble that the company calls a balloon plugs into your headphone jack. The second piece is a cartridge with scented oil that mists into the air. The cartridges range from corn soup to coconut to coffee.

I got to pick my cartridge, so I opted for the scent of fresh coffee beans

The Scentee works with an iPhone app that lets you decide when the scent will be released. You can set it to intervals, specific notifications or just spray it at will. It also lights up.

While it really serves no big practical purpose, let's be honest, Scentee is a hoot and a big conversation starter. Just a precautionary measure—don't stick your nose too close to it.

WXYZ Chief Meteorologist Dave Rexroth found that out the hard way.

So, here are the cons:

1. Getting the connection right on your phone can be a little tricky sometimes.  
2. The Facebook notification option for Scentee didn't work for me.  
3. Nothing replaces the actual smell of fresh brewed coffee.

The pros:
1. It's ridiculous in a good way.
2. It's a good conversation starter.
3. It's neat to have a fragrance appear to mist out of your phone.

Overall, I give the experience three out of five noses.

Now, the only way to get your hands on Scentee at the moment is ordering through Amazon Japan for around $36, cartridges run around $5.

But, a spokesperson for the company tells me there are plans to make scentee available to people in the U.S. In the works.

For more information, check out their website here:

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