Road rage incident scares Westland family

(WXYZ) - Westland police say a motorcyclist is in custody for allegedly shooting at an SUV with children inside.

The altercation started at Michigan Avenue and Newburgh between the motorcyclist and the driver of an SUV. Miles later, police say two children were inches away from gunfire.

"The scary thing about that is if it had been 3 to 4 inches more to the left, it probably would have gotten my son," said Charles Bailey. 

With precious cargo riding inside, Charles Bailey says he knew not to engage, even as the motorcyclist continued to follow his SUV. Things took an ugly turn when the drivers turned onto Palmer Road.

"I looked at my rearview, I seen him reach out to where his gun was at. I told my kids get down. I didn't know what he was gonna do," said Bailey. 

Investigators say Steven Lavigne, the man on the motorcycle, was arraigned today on multiple charges, including three counts of Assault with Intent to Murder. The 7 Action News team spotted Lavigne as he was leaving the Westland police station, but he had no comment. 


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