Robbery victims fighting back and opening fire

(WXYZ) - Twice in a week, armed teenage robbers are shot by their would-be victims. 

On Thursday night near the corner of Cloverlawn and Schoolcraft, two teens approached two utility workers with the intent to rob. 

One was legally licensed to carry a concealed pistol. He shot both teens, injuring them-- one critically ,one seriously.

A week ago,  an assistant coach walking out of Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School in Detroit was also approached by two teens in a robbery attempt. 

He was also legally carrying a gun and shot both of them. One died, the other was injured. 

7 Action News talks with workers in Detroit about the dangers they face. They call it the new "Street Justice."  

However, law enforcement would not encourage this and may not approve it.  The case of the coach is still pending in the prosecutor's office.

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