Obama administration officials detail $300 million plan for Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Obama Administration, in collaboration with city leaders and local partners, has announced roughly $300 million in aid to help Detroit demolish abandoned buildings, improve public safety and improve transportation.

Nearly $150 million would be used for redevelopment in Detroit, including the coordinated demolition of blighted properties. About $30 million would be awarded to the city to improve public safety and reduce crime, and roughly $140 million will be used to improve transportation systems for city residents. 

The Administration says it has a long term commitment to partnering with local leaders to support the city of Detroit. The feds also plan on helping create a "21st Century Detroit" by creating a tech team to bring innovation to the city services. 

"This is not a one time thing.  This is an ongoing partnership.  We are very, very committed to working hand in hand in insuring Detroit stays one of the great American cities it has always been," said Gene Sperling, Director of White House Economic Council.

While some of this money is new money from foundations and the private sector, the majority of it is money that is already owed to Detroit or that should be coming to Detroit but has been held up by red tape.

"Let's find why they've been held up, let's see if we can get Detroit access to them and let's do it in a way to make sure the private sector and the public sector and the foundations are all working together to make sure the money is being well spent," said Sperling.

The majority of the money focuses on housing, lighting, transportation and getting more police officers and fire fighters working in the Motor City.

White House officials met with city leaders and Governor Rick Snyder at Wayne State University.  Senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin took part via teleconference.

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