APP: Smart Diaper collects data otherwise thrown in trash, monitors baby's health

(WXYZ) - Pediatricians may soon get help monitoring your baby's health with a high-tech diaper.

A new startup called Smart Diapers uses a QR code on your baby's diaper and your smartphone to record health data that would normally be thrown in the trash. 

Developed by a couple with two kids and their team of scientists and engineers, Smart Diapers can reveal signs of urinary tract infections, dehydration or developing kidney problems. Once the data is collected, the app allows you to send it directly to your pediatrician to help diagnose the problem.

Right now, Smart Diapers is only in the infant stages of life with a crowdfunding campaign on

On the site, the developers say "Our goal is not to create another quantified self gadget but to create a product that is unobtrusive in your daily life and only speaks up when there is a reason to see a pediatrician or specialist."

The diapers are latex free, chlorine free and fragrance free.

Smart Diapers is currently raising funds to conduct a study with the University of California San Francisco Benoiff Children's Hospital monitoring babies in the pediatric intensive care unit.

They are also in the process of completing their registration with the FDA.

So parents, what do you think? If Smart Diapers ends up on your convenience store's shelves, will you try them?


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