Associated Press, 60 Minutes security hacks prompts Twitter to up security

(WXYZ) - It only took hackers a few minutes and twelve words.

The stock market plummeted $134 billion and the world did a double-take.

Two days later and Twitter is reportedly making major security changes.

According to Wired, Twitter is testing a new two-step verification process that they'll soon roll out to users.

Users will now be asked to provide a second piece of information to verify their identity, as opposed to just a password.

The hack also prompted a New York based web developer to create The site looks similar to Twitter's login page and says "In order to help everyone out a little we've created an algorithm that will examine your password and tell you if it's secure."

But when users attempt to enter their info they are bombarded with a surprise.

The site warns "No no no no no no no no don't be an idiot!" in bold font on a bright red background. "Don't ever type your password on a site that isn't Same goes for Facebook and Linked In."

It's a good, albeit brash reminder.

When you are creating

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