Chore Monster app rewards kids for taking out trash, making bed

(WXYZ) - What if your kids begged to do their chores?

Chore Monster is a new app getting a lot of attention from both parents and kids alike. It allows your kids to earn points and rewards for doing the dishes or taking out the garbage, and it works!

Parents, you're in control - you assign a chore, point value and due date to each child. So Suzy may earn five points for picking up her clothes every Wednesday while Tommy may rake in a bit more for mowing the lawn.

Once the task is complete and approved by mom and dad your kids can choose to save their points or spend them on a variety of rewards that you set. Small prizes may cost your child a few points for a trip to the ice cream store or a few hundred for the latest video game - you decide.

Suddenly your kids are begging to help out!

And forget boring chore charts, your littler helpers will enjoy unlocking and collecting monsters along the way like Frank Rumpnoodle - fun and added bonus.

The app is free to download and use for the iPhone but it does offer bonus features for a subscription cost. Members who pay anywhere from a monthly to yearly fee ($5.99 to $59.99) can unlock monsters and visit the Monster Marketplace among other features.


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