Could WiFi virus be next big IT threat?

(WXYZ) - What if a computer virus could spread as fast as a common cold spreads between people?

Well, the scary thought, could be the latest threat to future IT security.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have demonstrated how WiFi networks can be infected with a virus which can move at an alarming pace.

The team of researchers simulated one such attack and found that a computer virus behaved like an airborne virus, zipping through WiFi networks and infecting computers through access points. 

To get on to a WiFi network, you go through an access point--and that's what the virus could target. 

It's like a virtual sneeze, the virus bounces from access point to access point.

The researchers say that the virus was also able to avoid detection and figure out the points where the WiFi access was the least protected.

More heavily populated areas would be most at risk.

A professor at the university said on the school's website that the virus was able to collect and report the credentials of all WiFi users that were connected. 

Researchers are hoping that their study will help them develop a new technique to figure out when an attack is likely. 


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