Facebook group connects Oklahoma tornado victims with missing belongings

(WXYZ) - A Facebook group was created to connect Oklahoma tornado victims with their missing and often priceless belongings.

Perhaps surprisingly, it's working.

The concept is surprisingly simple; creator Leslie Hagelberg is asking victims to look around the rubble where their homes once stood, in search of photos or other important documents that may belong to someone else.

The deadly tornado that tore through the town of Moore, Oklahoma Monday leveled homes and scattered belongings for miles in every direction.

Victims are finding those scattered belongings and posting them to the group's Facebook wall. Simultaneously others are joining the group to identify what's theirs.

The group already has over 8,000 members at the time this story was written and it's gaining popularity by the minute.

Dozen of photos have already been positively identified. Based on the owner's reactions, they seem to be simply overjoyed.

Hagelberg told the Huffington Post "I simply couldn't imagine losing my kids' pictures."

Hopefully because of her efforts, many victims won't have to.

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