HOLIDAY SHOPPING: 7 gifts that give back

(WXYZ) - You may be familiar with one-for-one companies like Toms or Warby Parker . You buy a pair of shoes or glasses and an additional pair goes to someone in need living in both developing countries and right here in the US.

Well in the true spirit of Christmas giving here are a number of other gifts that give back. Because why give once this holiday season when you can give twice?

Holstee Greeting Cards

The Holstee Greeting Card company makes really pretty cards from recycled materials. They're always looking for ways to use less and re-purpose what they have. A pack of six will cost you $25 with free shipping now through January 1.

Laughing Man Coffee and Tea

For the coffee lover, check out Actor Hugh Jackman's company, Laughing Man. They sell coffee, tea and chocolates to help entrepreneurs around the world. Coffee prices range from $12 to $14 and teas from $8.50 to $10.

Harry's Razors

How about a sleek, German engineered razor for the man in your life? Razor sets range from just $10 to $25 and can be personalized with his initials. Harry's donates 1% of its sales and volunteers 1% of their employees time to organizations like City Year.

Project Repat

It's perfect for your son or daughter who still has a million high school and college tees. Project Repat re-purposes all those old t-shirts into a beautiful new quilt. They work with partner organizations like NuPath to employee people with disabilities who cut and sew your quilt right here in the US. Sign up now to get %5 off your quilt starting at $59.

Happy Blankie

There are few things sweeter than a baby. Happy Blankie's one-to-love and one-to-give business model allows you to choose which orphanage or children's hospital to donate the second blanket. The super-soft blankies come in animal shapes, from Chase the puppy to Wiggle the hippo and everything in between.

Good Card

Stumped on what to buy your co-workers? What will you get for your hairdresser? Good Cards are a charity gift-card that, redeemable with over 1 million charities. You choose the card design and the amount, they choose the cause. Unless the recipient is a Scrooge, this gift is sure to please.

For the big ticket items, take your bids to The site works very similarly to eBay. You find an item and duke it out with other auctioneers to take home the goods. The most important difference is that your purchase benefits the sellers charity of choice.


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