How to stop apps from zapping your phone battery

(WXYZ) - At the end of the day are you hoping, wishing and praying your phone doesn't run out of battery before you get home?

Your phone may be loaded with apps that zap the battery.

From convenience, to entertainment, smartphones provide it all at the tip of your fingers.

Until you have to recharge.

Jayson Luber is a traffic reporter at our Denver sister station KMGH. "This thing and I are like a hand and glove," said Luber.

With nearly 100 apps on this phone, his battery doesn't stand a chance, but Jason comes prepared; he carries around with him four extra smartphone batteries!

So we went to technology expert Rick McCloskey from One World Labs for help. He warns of apps that use GPS, programs that constantly update and free games, like the popular Angry Birds.

Researchers at UC Berkley have developed a free app to show you which apps are zapping your battery. It's called Carot.

You can download the Carat app here for Android users and here for iPhone users.





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