New technology helps Ohio police department prevent school shootings

(WXYZ) - A new piece of technology is helping one Ohio police department prevent or slow down school shootings.

Inside officer Jason Harget's police cruiser is something he calls "the greatest tool for law enforcement that's ever come about."

The police force in Baltimore, OH is using new technology that has transformed Harget into a virtual cop, able to see inside every school.

And he can do it all from his cruiser computer.

"It's great intelligence for us," said Harget.

With the click of a button Officer Harget can access every school security camera anytime he wants. There's not a hallway, gym, cafeteria or parking lot he can't see - no matter where he's on patrol.

There are total of 25 cameras in the local high school, middle school and elementary school. Not only can police see what's going on in real time, they also go back and review the tape in case they missed something before they were dispatched.

"We are constantly in a position to know what's going on in those schools," said Chief of Police Michael Tussey.

Plus, the school district says this virtual police presence is paying off.

Tim Turner, Principal of Liberty Union Middle School said "Our outside cameras have night vision and the students know that, so they know better than to TP the grounds or whatever they are going to get caught."

Baltimore is one of the few police departments using the technology in Ohio. It's technology that officers truly believe could either prevent or slow down a school shooting by giving them eyes inside the school, long before the gunman ever arrives.

Harget added "It's sending a message; we're watching."

What do you think of this new technology? Would you like to see it used in your child's school or in your local police department?



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