Uber arrives in metro Detroit, offers transportation to tech-savvy travelers

DETROIT (WXYZ) - What do London, Paris, Sydney, Singapore and Detroit have in common?


"Uber is a smartphone app. We connect riders with reliable, high quality transportation on demand," says Uber Detroit General Manager Mike White.

The latest in tech-savvy travel arrived in metro Detroit at the end of March, and it's picking up more than just millennials.

In fact, Uber chauffeur Nicholas Kokas says "I've seen people in their 60s use Uber."

Open the app, request a black car and wait. It's really that simple. In the meantime you'll receive a message from your driver.

"They have a picture of my face and my cell phone number so the passenger, from a safety perspective - they know who they're getting into the car with before the car even shows up," said Kokas.

Uber uses Google Maps to locate you and notifies the nearest driver. While you wait you can track your driver so you know when they'll arrive.

Users are also sent a text message letting them know their car is waiting outside.

White says fares are about 15 to 20% more than a taxi.

"We partner with companies that have luxury sedans and SUVs. An example would be a Cadillac Escalade or a Lincoln Towncar," said White.

Fares start at $6.00 and passengers are charged either by speed or time. It's $0.65 per minute for speeds under 11 mph and $2.75 per mile for anything faster.

But there's no need for cash or even a credit card.

"As soon as the trip is ended your credit card is automatically charged and a receipt is automatically send to your email address on file instantaneously."

White says Uber's popularity has really taken off in metro Detroit and their biggest challenge is meeting the demand.

Uber is free for both Android and iPhone users.

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