Uber offers private drivers in metro Detroit for tech-savvy travelers

(WXYZ) - The newest trend in tech-savvy transportation has arrived in metro Detroit.

Uber's on-demand private drivers now service the greater metro Detroit area using their iPhone and Android apps.

Download Uber for iPhone here or Android here.

The service is simple:

1.) Request: Allow your phone's GPS to determine your pickup location or set it yourself by typing in an address. A map will show you the nearest Uber cars. Type in your destination and Uber will give you and estimated fare.

2.) Wait: Upon dispatch you will receive a text with your driver's name, rating and arrival time. A second text is sent once your driver has arrived.

3.) Ride: Uber's black sedans or SUVs seat four to six people and are available 24 hours a day.

4.) Pay: The credit card you stored on file is automatically charged. So there's not need for cash, not even for tips.

5.) Rate: Rate your driver on a 0 to 5 star scale.

Rides start with a $6.00 base fare and charge either $2.75 per mile for speeds over 11 mph or $0.65 per minute if you're stuck and traffic and forced to travel under 11 mph.

Uber offers transportation in 32 cities across four continents.

Have you used Uber? What do you think?


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