Semi, 33K pounds of chicken stolen

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - He's not asking why the chicken crossed the road. A trucker who had his semi stolen is wondering where all the chicken went.

In the 3.5 years Ray's Express Trucking in Warren has been in business, there has never been an issue with theft until Tuesday.

Maan Korkis called 911 and told the dispatcher someone stole his truck while it was sitting in a parking lot where Korkis pays $100 a month.

"I thought you know, maybe I was confused," sais Korkis, "Maybe I parked it further down in the back, so I kept on going. And I was like where is my truck?"

And where was that truck going with 33,000 pounds of fresh chicken inside the trailer? Korkis says not only is he worried about the chicken, he's more concerned about his livelihood.

"Honestly, I'm out of a job right now." said Korkis, "I've got no income. I'm not gonna have food on the table. I need my truck to provide for my family. I want my truck and I really do want it."

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