Coping with the cold in metro Detroit

(WXYZ) - Jackson Huff has been plowing homes for the past two days.

Friday, he knew he had to bundle up a little tighter.

"I left out yesterday with one pair of long johns," said Huff.  "Today it's two. So yes, layered up very well."

He owns Huff Irrigation and Landscaping and has been clearing snow in subdivisions for years.

On Friday, his clients are nervous for him.

"I am worried about his safety, frostbite," said his client Betsy Myszkowski.  "The weather conditions are not very favorable this time of the year."

Jackson, fortunately, knows when its getting to be too much and takes breaks to warm up in his truck.

However, there are those who don't have that luxury

At Grace Centers of Hope in downtown Pontiac, people in the lifestyle program are prepping for more than one hundred homeless people who registered for shelter starting at 4:00 p.m.

"Our resident assistants keep us updated on an hourly basis because on days like today we get hundreds and hundreds of phone call.  People wanting to know if we have beds available," said Michelle Atwell at Grace Centers of Hope.  "So we're always prepared and ready with an answer."

According to Atwell, Grace Centers of Hope only have seven beds left on the men's side.

She told 7 Action News, she is praying for anyone who needs a place to stay on this extremely cold evening.

"When I woke up this morning, it was negative 9 degrees," said Atwell.  That's a horrific temperature for anybody.  The first thought I had on my mind was who is going to be at  Grace Centers of Hope needing shelter.  Am I going to hear of any stories of those who have frozen to death because it's been so cold out side.  So, days like today we are very much aware of doing all that we can to make sure the needy in our community are house and they are warm."

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