Shooting victim says stranger knocked on door holding a gun

After scuffle, victim grazed in the head by bullet

GARDEN CITY, Mich. (WXYZ) - A Garden City shooting victim is speaking out in hopes of finding the man who nearly took his life.

Investigators aren't sure exactly who they're looking for, and what makes it even more difficult is the shooting victim, who stood toe to toe with the suspect, says he's never seen him before in his life.

"Basically I heard a knock on the door," recalled shooting victim R.J. Tucker, "I opened the door, there was a guy on the outside of the door standing, holding a gun."

It's not what R.J. Tucker expected to see when greeting a visitor, but the 21-year-old says he had to act fast and engage the armed stranger to protect himself.

"We struggle over the gun, gunshot go off." Said Tucker, ‘I look and realize I was hit in the head."

The bullet merely grazed Tucker Friday afternoon. But the incident at the Village Apartments on Warren and Venoy has residents concerned and Garden City Police piecing together several descriptions of the event. 

"Right now it appears as if someone, who was not known to the resident but may have had some sort of relationship with him, appeared at the front door and fired a shot." Said Garden City Police Chief Bob Muery,"Striking the victim in the head."

"Never seen him before," said Tucker, "Never seen him before. Never."

Tucker says he has no idea why someone would target him. Police are hoping to find connections, find witnesses, and hopefully find the man who fired the near-fatal shot.

"We're still trying to determine motive," said Muery, "We're trying to piece together a description of the perpetrator from the several witnesses who were there. Hopefully we'll be able to solve this one."

"And the thought that my life could have been taken just that quick, that's crazy," said Tucker.

Garden City Police say there were several witnesses to the event, but suspect descriptions have been too vague and too inconsistent with each other, which is why police aren't releasing a public description.

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