Smartphone accessory Scentee can be programmed to emit a scent for every text message received

(WXYZ) - A new accessory for smartphones will surely tickle your nose hairs.

A Japanese company has created Scentee--a device for your smartphone that you can program to emit a scent each time you get a text or phone call.

The olfactory device plugs into your headphone jack and adds the dimension of scent to your communications.

The Scentee works in conjunction with a selection of apps that lets you decide when the scent will be released, whether it's each time you're getting an email, or a text message or maybe each time your alarm wakes you up in the morning.

The device has many fragrance cartridges to choose from-so, for instance, when your phone alarm buzzes in the morning, the smell of fresh coffee could also be released into the air.

The official website for Scentee says you get about 100 puffs of fragrance per cartridge.

Apparently the only way to get your hands on Scentee at the moment is ordering through Amazon Japan for around $36. The cartridges cost around $5.

The PR firm that represents Scentee tells me that there are plans to make it available to people in the U.S. via Amazon and a Kickstarter campaign that will launch mid November.

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