Smartphone cases help protect you with stun gun, pepper spray built-in

(WXYZ) - We're always searching for the best smartphone case to protect our phones, well now a couple of new cases on the market are designed to protect us.

Several companies have taken a device that most of us carry around with us all of the time--our phones--and combined it with a protective element. 

The Yellow Jacket smartphone case conceals a 650,000 volt stun gun within the shell to give users a stronger sense of security. 

The product's website also says that the case will help increase your phone's battery life up to one full charge. 

The Yellow Jacket case retails for $139. Stun guns are legal to carry in Michigan if you have a concealed pistol license. 

If you think the stun gun is a little too much for you to be carrying around, try the Spraytect case. The Spraytect case has a can of pepper spray built-in. 

According to the product's website, the phone case with detachable pepper spray was created by Scott McPherson, a concerned father whose daughter was heading off to college. 

If you think the case looks a little bulky, the website pointed out that the cartridge can actually double as a kickstand for your phone. 

A Spraytect case retails for $39.95. 

Both cases are available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. 

Another option is the Coyote Case. Designed for the iPhone with an Android case in the works, the Coyote Case emits a 110dB alarm and sends your GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts with a trigger switch and a tight squeeze. 

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