Snowy roads causing issues for drivers in metro Detroit

(WXYZ) - For drivers across metro Detroit, it was a brutal morning with roads treacherous yet again.

"It was very scary, i almost went into a tree and a house with a tree right in front of a house" says Ms. Daniels.

It was only a couple inches of snow that caused all the problems no big deal by Michigan standards and that left drivers in oakland county baffled.

One says "I figured it would be much better than it was this morning."

If the roads seemed worse than they should have been, the Oakland County Road Commission says that is in fact true. A number of trucks were out of service, beaten and broken by the brutal winter.

Craig Bryson, spokesman for the road commission for Oakland County tells us "All our trucks are pretty old with hydraulic issues and ice buildup along sides causing problems. Any kind of mechanical failure you can think of."

He adds "staffing has been an issue over duration of extended storms, our drivers are working tons of overtime all year and haven't had a weekend off and fatigue is setting in."

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