Social network Doximity helps doctors with patient treatment

(WXYZ) - A new social network is helping physicians across the United States treat patients.

When doctors want a second opinion on patient treatment, they can't just email or text another doctor the details because of security reasons.

But now, a social network called Doximity is helping physicians connect with one another, get second opinions and share important research all in one secure place.

With Doximity, medical professionals can use their smartphones, computers or tablets to connect with another physician or specialist anywhere to collaborate on patient treatment.

We're told nearly 30 percent of physicians in the united states are already active on the network

Dr. Marcus DeGraw, a doctor at St. John Providence Children's Hospital in Detroit, has been using Doximity for more than a year.

"Through Doximity, we can post a case to other physicians without specific mention of patient details but the case in general and get opinions with a way that's protected and privacy compliant or HIPAA compliant with those rules that we have to face every day so it's kind of like being able to go into a room, see a patient and invite some of my friends to help me with that issue if it becomes more complex," said Dr. DeGraw.

The free network also sends physicians research and news articles from around the country catered to their specialization—helping them stay up-to-date on the latest medical news.

To learn more about Doximity, go to their website here:


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