Sons search the world for matching kidney donor for ailing mother

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Sue Jarbo was blessed with four gifts; sons who she calls her bodyguards. But she's facing a battle her young men can't fight alone. It's a kidney disease that will put her on dialysis in the coming weeks.

"She has a disease called PKD. Polycystic kidney disease," said Sue's son Brandon, "It's transferred down from generation to generation. It's a genetic disease which unfortunately means me and my three younger siblings cannot give her a kidney."

In dire need of a transplant, Brandon, 21, her oldest son, searched for donors. He even put out a Twitter message re-tweeted five thousand times.

"We've just been trying so hard and hard," said Brandon, "And it's just been up and down."

"I'm a tough woman," said Sue, "And I always try to keep looking forward. And everybody knows me as Super Sue."

And even with that positive attitude, Brandon knows his mother's life may be on borrowed time until a donor steps forward.

"I'm not going stop doing what I could to get her a kidney." said Brandon, "She is our everything. She raised all four of us. Any Type-B or Type-O blood, whether it's negative or positive could donate."

"I'm really proud of my boys a lot. They're really sweet boys." said Sue, "I wish every mother would have boys like them."

To help the Jarbo family, contact Brandon Jarbo at (248) 521-7271. You can reach Brandon on Twitter at @BJarbo.

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