Suspects to stand trial in Paul DeWolf murder case

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) - Twenty-one-year-old Shaquille Jones and 20-year-old Joei Jordan face open-murder and home invasion charges in Paul DeWolf's death. Both of them were arrested last month in South Carolina.

Jordan's hearing was initially scheduled for Thursday, but it was rescheduled to the same day as Jones' hearing.

A third suspect is jailed in Michigan on a bond violation in another case but hasn't been charged in DeWolf's killing.

DeWolf was found dead July 24 at an off-campus medical fraternity in Ann Arbor.

At Friday's preliminary hearing, DeWolf's friend Ashley Stasiak testified that she went and checked on him after he didn't show up for work.

"When we opened the door, I saw Paul lying on the ground in a pool of blood. I saw blood all over his sheets," she said.

Paul's friend, Joseph Duratinsky testified that a few days later he discovered that his Playstation 3 was missing from the frat house.

"I asked everyone if they had seen it. No one had any recollection of where it could be," he said.

Michael Robertson says a friend of his brough Jones and Jordan to his home where they tried to sell him the PS3.

He testified that he heard the defendants talking about a botched robbery.

"The main thing I remember hearing is.. This one can come back on us," he said.

Patrick Davis also took the statnd and testified that he bought the PS3 and paid Jordan $75 for it.

DeWolf's father, who was in court with family members, told 7 Action News off camera that they wanted to be there so they could get some closure. They also wanted to thank the Ann Arbor Police and Washtenaw County prosecutors for their work on this case. Mr. DeWolf says he and his family will see this process through in hopes that their wound can begin to heal.

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