Governor Snyder praises U.S. permission to build second bridge to Canada

LANSING, Mich. (AP) -  Governor Rick Snyder, U.S. and Canada ambassadors,  along with Canadian ministers announced their  partnership in building a second bridge to Canada Friday afternoon after receiving a presidential permit to move forward with the project.

Construction promises to create 12,000 jobs and amp up Michigan's economic future.

"This is a win for all," said Governor Snyder.

The Governor told 7 Action News it  took about 9 months to get this permit.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding a second bridge. The owners of Ambassador Bridge have been trying to stop the construction with lawsuits.

The option to build a new bridge was placed on the ballot last November and voters chose a second bridge.

The politicians who have been working to get it say it would generate 30, 000 indirect jobs. Governor Snyder told 7 Action News he is hoping Detroiters will be trained and hired for some of the generated jobs.

"That's one of the things," said Governor Snyder. "This project is large enough it gives us an opportunity to look at that because there is work to be done over the next couple of years. Given that we know this project is coming.  It gives us a chance to work with the skill trades unions to say, what training could we bring in Detroit."

Canadian ministers and the governor say the new bridge is needed for growing trade traffic. At the busiest time on the Canada - U.S. commercial border crossing, they said 8,000 trucks cross daily.

Not only will the bridge have six lanes, but there will be state of the art inspection plazas and an interchange with Interstate -75.

"If you think about it today if you go across the Ambassador Bridge you're in Windsor and how many traffic lights do you have to go through? How many times have Detroiters been going across the corridor here and seeing trucks lined up on all of the service drives waiting for hours," said Governor Snyder.

The 7 Action News team placed phone calls to the those in charge of the Ambassador Bridge for comment. No one has returned those calls yet. 

The project could be completed by the year 2020.


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