Steel rods from road causing issues in Genoa Township

(WXYZ) - On a gravel stretch of Beck road in Genoa Township, hundreds of steel rods have been spotted.

According to MDOT, the department is in the process of a road construction project not far away. Crews are working on connecting Latson and Nixon.

MDOT had recycled some of the old concrete there, which happened to have steel rods in it. 

It was placed on 2,000 feet of Beck road, which belongs to Livingston County.  Those who live in that section told 7 Action News it can be dangerous. 

According to Chuck Wilks, his neighbors have had problems because of it.

A spokesperson for MDOT said the department is aware of the problem and they have had crews in the area cleaning up the steel rods.

Neighbors want the whole problem fixed.

"When it's in the gravel, fresh concrete, it's just going to keep coming up year after year," said Wilks. "Then when they go grade the road it's just to continue to bring up a whole new harvest."

"We have removed all of the steel on the surface and are working with the contractor to fix the problem," said Jeff Cranson, a spokesperson.

MDOT has said two residents have filed damage claims from steel fragments.

"Certainly we're concerned. We are going to work with contractors to make sure what we use there is safe," said Cranson.

MDOT plans to have crews back in the area soon.

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