Sterling Heights man fills his front lawn with flags for 4th of July holiday

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. - When you stroll past this house in Sterling Heights, you can't help but feel a sense of patriotism. 

"And it represents such freedom," says Chris Elmes.


Chris Elmes has been putting American flags in his yard, on patriotic holidays, for as long as he's lived here.  

Elmes says, "Twenty-three years ago, I put one American flag on the home.  It looked so nice, every holiday…the Fourth of July, I began putting them out as a lawn display." 

And since then, the number of flags has grown. This year he has more than 480 flags displayed around his house.

Elmes says, "I just really grew to love the American flag, and what it stands for."

Elmes adds, "You even have a flag on your shirt?"  "Well, all my shirts, every single shirt I have has a flag on it…there's an American flag on my car, there's American flag on everything."

You might be surprised to know that someone with this much love for the stars and stripes, is not even from the U.S.

"Yeah, I'm originally from Canda.  I became a US citizen in 1972," says Elmes,  "When I became a US citizen, they asked me why did I come to America?  And I told them, because my dad told me to get in the car."

 Elmes, who is also a former Marine, says it takes four hours to put all the flags out. He is looking for ways to expand hhis display and love of old glory.

 Elmes says "I noticed theres a property line behind me that has no flags, so next year, I'll have to buy some more."

He added, "This makes me feel wonderful.  Most people like Christmas displays or Halloween displays…this is my 4th of July display right here. It makes me happy.  That's what it does, it makes me happy."

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