Strange soot blankets cars, homes in Trenton

(WXYZ) - Around 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, something fell from the sky downriver.

It covered cars, homes anything left outside—and for a long time on Tuesday, the soot remained a mystery.

A fine layer of gray greeted Tonya McNeill Tuesday morning.

Near McNeill's home are some train tracks, and a Chrysler plant.

But this mother of an asthmatic daughter has been living with that for years. This was something different.

"I've lived here 18 years, never saw anything like this before," said McNeill.

DTE reported they had an equipment malfunction at the Trenton Channel Generating plant on Tuesday.

When crews shut down the unit, coal ash was sent into the air, and onto cars, sidewalks and basically anything that was left outside.

"My major concern was to make sure no chemicals were involved, no poisons," said McNeill.

A DTE spokesperson returned our call Tuesday, and said the soot is non-toxic and is not harmful to people, pets or plants.

There was a light wind today, so most of the soot has probably blown away by now.  

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