Stranger Danger alert in Trenton after two incidents

(WXYZ) - There's a stranger danger alert in Trenton after two separate incidents this week.

Police say a girl was riding her bicycle with her grandfather and three other children on Saturday when she was approached by a woman and a man in a silver pick-up truck and asked if she needed a ride. 

"He said do you want a ride, you look tired and sad, " says 4-year-old Katelyn,  6-year-old Madison says she said "no thanks, we are fine."

Fortunately, their grandpa Jim Maynard was right behind them. 

"I flipped out wondering why someone would ask kids if they want a ride?"

He told them they were fine and the pair drove away. 

Jim says he didn't know what to do until he read about the similar incident with the middle school girl and then he called police.

Last week on Wednesday, police say an Arthurs Middle School student was approached by a man and woman in a silver pick-up and asked if she needed a ride.

Trenton Police aren't confirming the incidents are related.

Police believe the silver pickup is a 2008 Ford F-150 and the man is described as in his late 20s or early 30s with a dark-colored tattoo on his upper left arm. 

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