Strong storms, high winds leave trail of damage

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - Severe weather across the area kept crews busy. The sounds of chainsaws are echoing through many communities to several down trees.

Storms not only knocked out power in Clawson, they sparked a dangerous situation as down lines started a house fire.

"We were already here earlier for wires down." said Clawson Fire Chief Richard Dylewski, "Wire came down next to the structure arced up against it, caused the fire to go up on the outside of the building."

Power was also out in Troy, where high winds uprooted tree after tree, blocking major portions of roads.

"And I see my neighbor's pine tree in my front yard, and it took out my flag pole." said Claudio Martello.Before you start feeling bad for Martello's flag pole, car lovers would be heartbroken to see the sight of Gary Vasi's driveway.

A neighbor's tree landed right on top of his Corvette.

"After I stopped crying, I just started shaking." said Vasi, "I was pretty sick about it."

"It's a fast super car," said Gary's wife Kimbirly, "And it was no match at all for mother nature."

And before Gary could get any sicker from nature test driving his Corvette, Kimbirly acknowledged the grace behind Gary's decision to skip out on a routine exercise class.

"He would have absolutely been in this car had he gone to aerobics today." said Kimbirly holding back tears, "And that just hits me really really hard."

"So I think there's a God for sure," said Gary, "Changed my mind from doing aerobics today."

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