Students arrested after brawl at Digital Learning Center

FERNDALE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police say they arrested a group of students at the Digital Learning Center in Ferndale after they got into a brawl in the school's main hallway on Thursday.

Students apparently started taunting each other in the hallway and it escalated, according to police. Police say the school was placed on lockdown during the fight and one administrator was injured while they were trying to break it up. 

The school remained on lockdown for the full day as school continued. 

Police arrested three 19-year-olds,  one 18-year-old, and one 17-year-old. They also took one juvenile student into custody, and are seeking a warrant against one 19-year-old student who left the building before police could arrest him. 

"I was pleased to see how well the students and staff did throughout the rest of the day. The skill our DLC staff demonstrated in diffusing the fight so quickly was exceptional. The dedicated support we received from the Ferndale Police Department was greatly appreciated," said Deputy Superintendent Henry Gold. 


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