Students need help fixing up their playground

(WXYZ) - The area designated for outdoor recess at Dr. Charles Drew Elementary School in Ecorse, according to teachers, is not very pretty.

It's mostly covered in dirt with patchy pieces of grass in scattered places.

Organizers are hoping to spruce up their playground and they are not just seeking to make it beautiful, but also safer so they can enjoy recess in a carefree environment.

"I want to see some plants and some flowers… so it can look beautiful," said first grader Jalen Hatfield.

Teachers say the school is next to an alley where there are wires nearby.

They would like to beautify the area soon, but they face one big problem:  financing the project.

The staff at the elementary decided to all 7 Action News Call For Action. 

"It's a little bit nerve-wracking.  I would love to put some trees in there to block it off," said first grade teacher Renee Wendt.

Christopher Landscaping from Harrison township has agreed to donate some grass and the labor, but the school is hoping someone can help give them flowers and trees.

Teachers say a prettier playground would brighten up the kids' fun hour.

Parents, teachers, and the community hope to beautify the grounds in a couple of weeks with more construction later on.

If you would like to help by donating flowers or trees to the school you can email or call the school at (313) 383-7501.

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