TAKING ACTION: Broken water pipe causing issue in empty school

(WXYZ) - We're taking action and getting results after a viewer tipped us off about an empty school flooding due to a broken pipe.

Channel 7 viewer Dan Sommers III is somewhat of an urban explorer.  He discovered water gushing out of a pipe in the lower level of the now empty Detroit High School on Rosa Parks Blvd. 

"With water running like that, it's just ruining the building." said Sommers. "It's costing tax payers even more money if they ever want to fix it up."

It's unknown if the busted pipe is because of the cold weather or because of scrappers.  One neighbor, who didn't want to share his name, tells Action News scrappers have been picking the school apart since DPS closed it in 2012.

After Action News reporter Ronnie Dahl made some phone calls, a Detroit Water & Sewerage crew showed up late Friday afternoon to shut the water off.

The Detroit Water & Sewerage department has set up a hotline for people to report problems, such as running water in abandoned buildings.  The number is 313-267-7401.

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