Teenage girl dies after being shot in the face, relatives question boyfriend's story

PONTIAC (WXYZ) - Loved ones of Makayla Lance prayed and hung onto hope that the 17-year-old would survive after being shot in the face.

But Wednesday afternoon Makayla was pronounced dead, leaving relatives to wonder what really happened.

Oakland County Sheriff's investigators arrested Makayla's 18-year-old boyfriend and expect to present their findings to the prosecutor's office Thursday.

Makayla's aunt returned home late Tuesday afternoon to find Makayla bleeding and the teen's boyfriend on the phone with a 911 dispatcher.

Makayla's boyfriend told her aunt that he had no idea what had happened because he just arrived for a visit. But investigators say he later told them that he had been playing with the gun and it was an accident.

Sources tell 7 Action News the young man bought the 38 caliber revolver on the street for $150.

Deputies found the gun in a garbage can in the backyard.

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