Teen's mom calls Pugh's texts to her son "flirtatious"

DETROIT (WXYZ) - In a interview with 7 Action News Friday, the mother who believes Charles Pugh crossed the line with her son called text messages from the City Council President to the teen "flirtatious."

The woman who appeared in her attorney's office with her husband to talk to Action News said the only reason she now has an attorney is because she believed administrators at the Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men were not handling her concerns swiftly or properly.

Action News is concealing the woman's identity to protect her son.

The woman says Pugh has continued to harass her for simply standing up for her child. And she says Pugh should address the public instead of avoiding questions from reporters.

When asked about not taking her concerns that Pugh was having inappropriate contact with her son that included removing him from school without parental permission, the teen's mom says she was afraid that police would try to sweep her allegations under the rug because of Pugh's position in city government.



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