Thieves hit several businesses overnight

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - Local businesses in Waterford Township are hoping to learn about the men responsible for a string of burglaries, all happening overnight early Friday morning.

When Michael Vertin closed up the Jimmy John's on Dixie Highway Thursday night, all was quiet. Hours later, he learned thieves had busted in.

"The door was glass everywhere of course." said Vertin.

Thieves busted in another door less than a mile away at LA Cafe.

"They had busted the right-side door, the window," said Haley Worsley, an employee at LA Cafe. "And snaked their hand in and unlocked the door."

Slowly, these Waterford businesses, along with police, started connecting the dots.

"We heard LA Café got broken into and Bo Rics," said Vertin, "And now I just heard the gun shop got broken into as well."

At the gun shop, the thieves were caught on tape. Waterford Township police are now trying to determine whether the five break-ins overnight are connected.

"You would think Waterford and Clarkston would be kind of a quiet place area," said Worsley ,"It kind of took me off guard when I heard how many in businesses got robbed."

Anyone with information on these break-ins should call Waterford Police Detective Lawrence Novak at 248-618-7515.

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